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Volunteer Application Form (Young Adults)

Thank you for your interest in serving with the Young Adult Ministry! We greatly appreciate your heart to bless our community with your unique God-given gifts. In this volunteer application, please share some details about yourself, as well as the area(s) where you are interested in serving.

We as a church utilize this application and background-check process in order to ensure a safe experience for all those we are serving within our church as well as out in our city. Once we receive your application and background-check results (and you've been cleared to serve), you’ll hear from us about next steps to begin serving at Progressive Community Church.

After completing this form, you will receive an email from checkr.com, our third-party, background-check partner, in order to complete a secure background check.




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How did you hear about serving with the Young Adult Ministry?

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Excluding traffic related offenses, have you ever been accused or convicted of criminal activity, or entered a plea of guilty or no contest to a criminal offense of any kind?*

Have you ever been accused or convicted of sexual misconduct, or entered a plea of guilty or no contest to abuse or sexual misconduct?*

Are you aware of any traits or tendencies that you possess that could pose a threat to college age students?*

Please initial the following fields to acknowledge that you agree with each statement.

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Except for gross negligence on the part of Progressive Community Church, I accept personal financial responsibility for any bodily or personal injury sustained while I am volunteering. Further, I release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Progressive Community Church , and its officers, directors, and representatives from any liability, injury, damage, loss, accidents, delay, or irregularity related to being a volunteer for Progressive Community Church.

("Recordings") as well as the perpetual, world-wide right to record, re-record, copy, edit, reproduce, publicly display, perform, and distribute the Recordings in any way consistent with Progressive Community Church’s ministry, including use on the internet and in printed materials. I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein the Recordings appear.

Any work that I have created in my role/capacity as a volunteer for Progressive Community Church in the past, present, or future, recorded in any form ("Creative Work") is for the exclusive ownership of Progressive Community Church and is considered a "work made for hire" (defined in the US Copyright Act). If, for any reason, the work related to my volunteer service for Progressive Community Church is determined at any time not to be a "work made for hire," I agree to assign, and do assign, to Progressive Community Church all right, title, and interest to the Creative Work.

In this regard, I agree that I will not disclose the confidential information and/or trade secrets with others without prior written consent of Progressive Community Church both during or after my volunteer service.

Additionally, I agree to all statements above and certify that I have properly initialed each statement and/or accept that any text placed in the fields provided will be considered acceptance of the statements. Checkr.com, our third party, secure background check partner, will send you an email within 48 hours of your application to submit your information for the background check. The link in that email will expire after 7 days.