CET & Bible Study Classes

Sizzling Summer Bible Study Series (Jul 7 - Sep 9)

CET Certificate Classes

Leadership Fundamentals 

This certificate is designed to help potential and current leaders maximize leadership abilities by discovering their strengths, weaknesses, and misconceptions of leadership. Students will acquire new leadership skills to lead in their specific area of ministry, thus feeling empowered and equipped to lead well. 

Your Leadership Focus  
This course will give students the opportunity to evaluate the area they lead to implement changes where needed with the outcome of improving how the ministry is run. 

Christianity in the New Millennium

This certificate is designed to help engage believers who have a desire to live as Christ would have them live regardless of what’s going on in our current culture. Though the world is constantly changing, the word of God and His standards for us aren’t.  This certificate will help students remain faithful to God and know what he would have them do by examining several hot button issues and gathering practical wisdom from the Bible. 

Biblical Sexuality  
This course will examine sexuality from a biblical perspective and equip students with the tools needed to converse with others about it in an informed manner.  Students will learn how the Bible describes gender, its functions, and what sexual lifestyles God views as acceptable. Time will also be spent offering a biblical perspective on the LGBTQ discussion.

The Bible Made Simple

This certificate is designed to help believers grow in their confidence in God’s word, to know how we got the Bible, how it was transmitted and preserved for us over time, and to acquire the relevant knowledge needed to read and interpret it more accurately.


How to Read the Bible with Confidence  
This class will introduce students to the theory and application of hermeneutics by building upon the inductive method of biblical interpretation covered in How to Understand the Old and New Testament classes. Time will be spent covering the history of biblical interpretation and attention will be given to competing schools of interpretation to expand students’ awareness of hermeneutical issues. Select passages will be assigned for students to interpret to facilitate their growth in reading and understanding the Bible. 

General Classes

Breaking Free From the Enemies of the Heart (Andy STanley) to be bold (Jada Edwards)

Breaking Free From the Enemies of the Heart. This class will combine both books over a 10 week study. This class will help women learn how to break free from four controlling emotions and how to use their emotional freedom to BE BOLD and dare to do BIG things for God (based on the life of Joshua). Workbooks will be made available to each class participant who pre-registers (see registration dates). Books are not required but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Be Bold - http://jadaedwards.com/products/ & Breaking Free From the Enemies of the Heart – Amazon.

Disciplines of a Godly Man (R. Kent Hughes)

This class will study nineteen disciplines of a Godly man in areas such as leadership, integrity, purity, prayer, fatherhood, friendship, marriage, ministry and more. This book is required and is available online at Amazon in audiobook, paperback and hard copy.

Life in Exile: A Letter from the Apostle Peter

In this class young adults will explore how believers who were spread throughout six regions in the Roman territory dealt with life as a minority culture fighting to maintain faithfulness to God despite opposition and assimilation. He writes to encourage them and teach them to endure suffering well. The required textbook is the Bible (New International Version)

The Sermon On the Mount

This Wednesday evening study is for anyone who wants to learn more about the Sermon On the Mount found in Matthew 5-7. Students will be challenged and encouraged as they learn more about God and how to read and understand the Bible. We will work from the Bible and a worksheet packet. This class will begin July 10, 2019 and run weekly through August 28, 2019 excluding Wednesday Word and Worship Nights.

Adult Sunday School

This class aims to increase biblical knowledge by introducing the students to biblical settings, biblical characters, books of the bible and historical background.


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